History of San Antoine B&B

San Antoine Bed and Breakfast was established by Paddy & Breda Landers back in 1956.  Before they were successful in making the purchase my mum Breda had prayed to St Anthony and promised him that she would call the house after him should they be successful.  Hence the name San Antoine/St Anthony.  As the business grew and tourism became more of a growing business they decided to extend, and in 1977 the Guest House was built and opened for business in 1978.  We all played an active part in the building of the Guest house with dad playing the leading role.  I remember myself as a seven year old carrying concrete blocks to Joe O’Donoghue & Sean McCarthy.  I have great memories of that summer and the part I played in its construction.

Then in 1994 I stepped up as Mum & Dad were going to retire and took over the business.  Two years later in 1996 I married Ann Brazill and today we are both running San Antoine with our two children Jack & Sarah.  Not sure yet who will be the next to step up and continue the tradition……